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Where to start?

Every project starts with coffee and a biscuit.

You will have unique requirements for you website. Once you have an idea or broadly know what you are aiming to achieve, one of our Online Services team will arrange a time discuss the requirements.

Design and requirements

This stage is the initial creative phase that establishes the design brief and the basic functional requirements of the website, it includes the:

  • Purpose of the project
  • Business needs and budget for the project
  • Design influences
  • Function of the website
  • Source of the website content
  • Internal resource's to manage the site

The outcome of the design and requirements' meeting will be a document that includes a wire frame prototype of each template for the website, a design brief and the basic functionality and standards that will be required for the technical implementation and development of the project.

This stage will set the estimates for each following project stage and define the project plan.

Clients will be asked to complete a short survey of questions to help prepare them for the design and requirements meeting.

Project setup

Projects follow a form of the PRINCE2/Agile project management methodologies based on small work packages over the duration the project.

At Gordon AV we ensure that quality is not compromised at any stage of the project.

The typical range of services Gordon AV can offer include:

  • Design and requirements
  • Creative web design
  • Video content production
  • Technical implementation
  • Technical development
  • Testing & compliance
  • Training
  • Support and content maintenance

Concept design

GAV Website Services is a creative service that marries creative design solutions with a technical outcome.

Design will be considered to be more than look and feel. The design process will involve research and investigation to evolve a solution that both fits the functional requirements, business needs and is aesthetically pleasing.

For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact Andrew or Matt or phone on 020 8537 1000