Video Content

Keeping up with the digital age of online video is now more important than ever. Given the option of watching a video online or reading a sea of text from a screen, the video wins every time. This enables mood, atmosphere and complex messages to be explained with gestures quickly and easily.

Internet connections have got faster; the ability to stream video to your computer or handheld device has got easier. Getting the right message across without the use of diagrams and lengthy wordy explanations can now be achieved efficiently and creatively with online video. Users find video enjoyable and convenient to use.

29.6 million people in the UK accessed online video in January 2009 (comScore). That is 8 out of 10 internet users, 10% more than the year before and the number continues to grow. 1 in every 35 internet visits in February was to a specialist video website (Hitwise).

SEO benefits of online video

Adding video content to your website through YouTube will greatly improve your chances ranking highly in Google search results according to the research carried out by Forrester Research.

Google developed the ability to index video content by picking up on meta tag descriptions, file name keywords and most powerful of all, audio keyword indexing. Preparing the video and optimising it for speedy download and SEO is something that Gordon AV can provide as one of its specialist services.

Here are just some of the tools that Gordon AV use to ensure online video is optimised for SEO.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimise the meta data
  • Create high-quality thumbnail images
  • Add file keywords to file names
  • Host videos with YouTube
  • Embed the video on pages that are relevant to the video
  • Create a website video site map
  • Submit the video site map to Google webmaster tools
  • Embed good video annotations

Capturing video content

At Gordon AV our experienced camera operators and technicians can work with you to capture video for your website or other marketing activities. Some of the types of video production we have include:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Product sales advert
  • Marketing video
  • Advertising banners
  • Event webcasting

The equipment and facilities for film production are created at broadcast quality before being optimised for the internet.

For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact Andrew or Matt or phone on 020 8537 1000