Google in the sand

Digital Marketing and SEO

70% of users will use organic search results over paid adverts. Optimising your site for organic search engine results is vital to the success of your website.


Getting the right online marketing strategy can give you the edge over your competitors. The tools available to help with you digital marketing provide greater feedback and analytics that any off line marketing methods.

There are some basic rules to ensure your website is well optimised for search engines. At Gordon Internet Services we ensure that all the sites we build are optimised to these rules. (Gordon Internet Services can help with more advanced areas of search engine optimisation if necessary.)


The principles of SEO fall in to three categories:

On page optimisation

  • Well formed XHTML / CSS markup
  • Good use of meta content
  • Files names
  • Domain names
  • Title tags

Content optimisation

  • Well structured information architecture
  • The use of popular terminology

Off page optimisation

  • Number of links to your page

  • Relevant video's with YouTube
  • Social media network affiliations e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact Andrew or Matt or phone on 020 8537 1000