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Design & usability

Generating a well-designed website is the start of having an online presence that complements your organisation and conveys the right message to your audience, whether they are school children to business executives.

We understand design is more than making a website look good. It is about providing the right user experience. Good interface technologies well, such as Java Script, Ajax, JQuery, Flash etc, to present functionality clearly and attractively, provide users with an enjoyable experience.

Importance of a good design brief

Design is subjective, therefore, we like to understand your likes and dislikes to ascertain your preferences for the website. From this, we can add detail to the design brief.

Although web design ideas are partly created from influences and experiences of the their has at the time, web designs should never born from the designer's imagination alone.

Coupled with your suggestions and company's challenges we will create a imaginative bespoke web design for you approval.

Our creative web design team use their skills to naturally accommodate:

  • Basic functional requirements
  • Information architecture (IA)
  • W3C accessibility guidelines
  • Technical constraints (e.g. specified browsers, platforms and devices)
  • Best practice principles
  • Usability experience
  • Organisation's brand (and brand guidelines if available)
  • Target audience's likes, dislikes and favoured styles
  • Competition

Organisations who are about to embark on their 2nd or 3rd generation website are at a great advantage of being able to get user feedback, and site statistics to see in which areas their current site is under performing.

Designing for content management systems (CMS)

Content managed websites require a durable design solution that can allow a diverse range of content to be added to the site whilst maintaining the original design quality. Editors should not have to spend additional time specifying the layout and styes of each page. The design styles that are adopted for your site will be set up accommodating to the needs that your site has now and for the foreseeable the future.

For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact Andrew or Matt or phone on 020 8537 1000