The Gordon AV Webcast service is a fully managed webcasting platform using industry leading technology, designed to stream audio and video with synchronised slides to give a rich media presentation online with outstanding quality.

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What is webcasting?

A webcast is the broadcast of an event over the internet and is watched in a web browser, either live, or on demand at a later date.

The webcast uses streaming media technology to distribute a rich-media presentation to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. It allows online viewers to see the presentation exactly as it was given at the time of recording, or edited to remove errors and condense information content.

If you don't already use webcasting you are missing out on:

Pay to view webcasting

Earning additional revenue from Pay to view presentations

Attract more delegates

Increasing the size of your audience to those who are physically unable to attend due to other commitments or travel distance.

Providing a digital resource

Capturing the event for future reference, and generating valuable material for researchers.

Detailed reporting

Gathering detailed reporting on the online audience sizes and geographical location from each specific presentation.

Sponsorship opportunities

Providing additional marketing opportunities for sponsors by have having links to sponsors' websites to showcase products and services specific to the audience.

Social network integration

Use social networking channels to promote events by linking users to your webcast portal branded as your own microsite.

Increase your SEO

Enhance the search engine optimisation for your website by embedding a version of the presentation into your own website.

Each webcasting package is tailored to meet your specific requirements by utilising equipment already installed in the venue, and your preferences on how it is delivered online to give you the best value option for your event.

GAV Webcast platform Pay to view presentations

Maximise the value of your event content by offering it online live or on demand after the event using the GAV Web cast platform eCommerce module.

Video editing console Video editing services

Need to inspire audiences to come to the next event? Our video editing services can provide a video advert for the forthcoming event at your venue or enables you to add subtitles or even a sign language translator to your presentation.

Chemistry World Webinars Branded microsite

Host your webcast on a branded microsite that can seamlessly intergates with your existing website that is search engine optimised to get the most out of marketing your event online.