Web Cast Platform

The Gordon Internet Services capture the individual elements of each speakers presentation (audio, video, Powerpoint) and encodes them into a single flash video file the synchronises these together on the users screen.

The GAV Webcast Platform enables users to see all the events and navigate to each presentation. The platform will be setup as a microsite for and branded in a similar way.

Key features includes:

Event listing for future events and previous events.

  • Event specific detail page.
  • Presentation detail page.
  • Live streaming.
  • On demand streaming.
  • Options to set presentations of an event as Free to view / Subscribe to view / Pay to view.
  • Price variants on each presentation (if pay to view).
  • Event & presentations' sponsorship opportunities.
  • Detailed information about each presentation and presenter.
  • Social media marketing links to capture social media viral marketing opportunities.
  • Pre-event computer test page.

Webcast player

GAV Webcast player

The presentations will be recorded in the form of a webcasting whereby any supporting PowerPoint slides appear alongside the video, and progress in sync. The viewer will be able to skip through the presentation as they want by selecting points on the timeline, or by selecting specific slides.

The system requires users to have Adobe Flash Player installed. Adobe Flash is currently used by 98% of internet users and comes pre-installed on many computers. If the user does not have Adobe Flash Player installed they will be prompted to download Flash Player which is free to install.

Users will have access to a help page that will provide instruction on what to do if they encounter problems viewing a presentation.

The webcasting player includes:

webcast player contols

  • High quality video that runs between 350-500 kbs.
  • Control of video can be left or right of the slides, full screen or in a web browser.
  • Presentation keyword search across PowerPoint notes.
  • Jump through the presenter's talk by clicking on the presentation slide.
  • Keywords search on powerpoint presentation.
  • Volume control.
  • Control the timeline.
  • Can be embedded into your existing site.

For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact Andrew or Matt or phone on 020 8537 1000