Meet the team

Our Company offers a broad range of visual communication services. What these services have in common is that they are delivered through the creative and technical skills of our staff.

We're a diverse bunch (though alas overwhelmingly male), but what unites us is that we're excited and passionate about what we do. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Events team

Our events team have customers that tend to fall into three groups – companies looking to hire audio visual equipment for those special meetings where it's vital to impress; venues that don't require an on-site technician, or sites where the on-site AV technician requires additional equipment; and finally a range of last-minute requests from other AV firms who need to take advantage of our handy locations to provide them with support for their services.

For venues that need ad hoc equipment or technical support, our Audio Visual Hire division is perfect. However, larger venues often need full time AV technicians on site, and most leading sites recognise that outsourcing this function to a specialist audio visual company offers many compelling benefits.

Events team

Media & internet services team

Our new media team look after the creative aspect of providing compelling audio and video using state of the art facilities in the Torpedo Factory. Now combined with our new website design, development and hosting services available that use the latest in open source technologies and digital media marketing best practice strategies. The combination of these teams working together can produce outstanding results to bring your products or services alive and in front of large audiences in the new media world we live in.

Media & Internet services team