For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact Rob or Leigh by email or on 020 8537 1000

Audio editing and mixing

Using ProTools and Adobe Audition software, our experienced sound engineers can perform many of your mixing and editing needs, from simple audio edits or loop creation to larger more complicated productions such as audio books, podcasts and film soundtracks.

As well as mastering your edited material to CD and other formats, we can offer to deliver your material to you as a digital file, via a secure FTP site.

Audio export formats available include:

  • A/mu-Law Wave (.wav)
  • ACM Waveform (.wav)
  • Apple AIFF (.aif, .snd)
  • Dialogic ADPCM (.vox)
  • DVI/IMA ADPCM (.wav)
  • Microsoft ADPCM (.wav)
  • mp3PRO (.mp3)
  • Windows Media Audio (.wma)
  • Windows PCM (.wav)
  • PCM Raw Data (.pcm) (.raw)