Contact us

The phone numbers if you've missed them are:

  • London: 020 8537 1000
  • Thames Valley: 0118 934 9995

And if you still send faxes, you can reach us at:

  • London: 020 8537 1001

Out of hours contact numbers, to be used in the event of a serious problem, are:

  • Last minute bookings London: 0208 537 1000
  • Technical assistance London: 07960 337 707
  • All Thames Valley enquiries: 07957 503 336

These numbers can also be used in the event of problems with the telephone systems in any of our offices.

We like getting letters, especially with handwritten envelopes. Hardly anyone does that these days. Write to:

London / Head Office
Gordon Audio Visual Ltd
The Old Torpedo Factory
St Leonard’s Road
NW10 6ST
Thames Valley
Gordon Audio Visual Ltd
1 Manor Farm
Manor Road
Shurlock Row
RG10 0PY





For how GAV can help with your requirements please email your enquiry or phone us on 020 8537 1000.