Video conference systems

For how GAV can help with your requirements please contact the hires team by email or on 020 8537 1000.

A video conference system enables people at different sites to see and hear each other in real time.The built in camera and microphone in our units are sufficient to capture those seated around an average meeting room table.

For larger meetings with more people and/or spread around a larger room, more cameras and microphones can be added – please call us to discuss in more detail.

You will also need a plasma screen, LCD screen or projector to view your correspondent site's camera feed, or we can connect to any of the above if you already have these available on site.

When ordering a video conference system, please remember that a minimum of one ADSL or two ISDN lines are required. We recommend that lines to be used are tested in advance of your event since loose connection points, IT routing and infrastructure layout or a firewall can all affect the system's performance.

If your video conference is with more than one correspondent site, or you are converting between signal types, you will also need to use a bridging service provider. Their charges vary according to the type of service you need but we can advise further and provide details of service providers.

Video Conference System

Polycom HDX-7000
Polycom HDX 7000
Video Conferencing System

HDX 7000

High definition video and stereo audio system with presentation plug in facility to allow your PowerPoint or video presentation to be viewed as picture-in-picture.

Includes EagleEyeTM 16:9 camera, codec, microphone array,cables and remote control

Per day £210
Per week £630
Line Test Service
Line Test Service
ISDN or IP connection

Line Test Service
ISDN or IP connection

This service can normally be completed within one hour.

Additional time may be required to diagnose and resolve connection problems on your site.

Additional time is charged at £35 per hour or part thereof.

Delivery and collection charges also apply according to your site location

First hour£65
Additional hour £35

Telephone Conference System

A conference telephone when placed on a desk will pick up the voices of those seated up to about 10' (3m) away – or approximately 10 people.

Polycom Soundstation
Polycom Telephone Conferencing System

Soundstation 2

The unit plugs into an analogue telephone line and the users dial out in much the same way as a normal telephone.

If the conference call is to be with multiple sites rather than just one other site, you will also need to arrange a remote host number that all sites will need to dial into.

This is a service offered by BT and numerous other telecom providers.
Per day £45
Per week £90
Polycom Additional Microphone
Additional Microphone

Soundstation Microphone

Additional mic modules that plug into a conference telephone unit to extend the range to include up to around 20 participants.
Per day £15
Per week £30
Soifex HY-03S
Sonifex HY-03S
Telephone Balancing Unit


A TBU balances an analogue telephone audio signal and, once plugged into a PA system, allows the audience to hear both sides of a conversation.
Per day £35
Per week £105