File upload

This is the area of our site where you can send us those really large files that would clog up your email system. Typically you might want to send us:

  • PowerPoint or other presentations for your next event
  • Artwork for graphics to be used in a set design
  • Holding slides
  • Audio recordings
  • Video files
  • Or any other large file

Click here to open up the Mail Big file window and follow the steps to send the file to your desired recipient at Gordon Audio Visual. Use the General Mailbox if you aren't sure who to send it to, and please include a brief message telling us what the file is for - ideally quoting your Contract number for the relevant event or booking.

We can receive files up to 2GB in size. For sensitive documents select the "Secure Transfer" option. To send us multiple files, either repeat the process, or zip the files together and send a .zip file instead - ensuring the size of the zipped file is under 2GB.